How do I start a business in Utah?

  • Questions to ask 
  1. What does my company do? Does it sell a product? Does it provide a service? Identify what your business will do.
  2. What does the IRS state in regards to starting a business?
  3. Decide what type of a company you want. What is a Sole Proprietorship? What is a Corporation? What is an LLC? What is a Partnership? 
  4. What is an Employers Identification Number (EIN)
  5. Does my type of business require a special license? Certain types of companies need specific licenses. Professional License Lookup
  6. What kind of Insurance do I need? Many licenses require specific types of liability insurance. Check with the Utah State Licensing Board.
  7. What do I call my company? You'll need to check to see if your company name is available. Search Business Names.
  8. ​Where do I register a new business? One Stop Business Registration System
  9. ​Do I need a Registered Agent? What is a Registered Agent? Ogden Tax Service specializes in providing Registered Agent Services for companies wanting to do business in the State of Utah. We provide Registered Agent Services for the following situations: 
  • ​Companies located within the State of Utah
  • Companies located outside of the State of Utah but are conducting business within the State of Utah

Starting a Business in Utah

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